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Ganked from [ profile] raykel:

1. Open your media library in whatever player you use
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie!

(Here I have to put a caveat. I am not lying. I am, however, starting with results from the third go-round, because the first two times had an inordinately high ratio of talk-only or Christmas tracks which are SUPPOSED to be excluded from my shuffle.)

Opening Credits:
"That's How You Know" (Enchanted soundtrack)
So perfect. My life is a musical.

Take Two(Four?): "Groovin'" (Parent Trap remake soundtrack)
Oooh, I like this.

Take Three/Five: "Lightning Striking" (Lou Christie)
So glad I didn't understand that this was a song about a boy saying no, it's not his fault he's cheating on his girlfriend with any hot girl across his path. Didn't understand when I was seven and singing this from an oldies collection. Nor when I was eighteen and decided to download it for the memories. I can honestly say it was pure sentiment.

Waking up:
"My Lullaby" (Lion King 2 soundtrack)
And yes, I have Lion King 2 on my iPod.

Take Two: "Never Been Unloved" (Michael W. Smith)
Sometimes, I have been unwise
I've been undone by what I'm unsure of
But because of You and all that You went through
I know that I have never been unloved

Take Three: "Sleeping Beauty - Vision of Aurora" (Tchaikovsky)
Why are all these "waking up" songs soothing, go to rest songs? I have no problem waking. (Getting up, sure, but not waking up.)

First Day at High School:
"Whatever It Takes" (Amy Grant)
Whatever it takes, baby, I'm gonna be there
Whatever it takes, baby, you oughta know...

Take Two: "Wunderkind" (Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe soundtrack)
... I love and adore this song, but am driven mad by the way Alanis mangles the word "Wunderkind"

Take Three: "The Naming of Cats" (Cats)
What's a Jellicle Cat?

Falling In Love:
"An Ocean of Memories" (Titanic soundtrack)
Remember I said this was the third go-round? On both of the first two rounds, this item was depressing songs. Really dark, depressing songs. I find this ominous.

Take Two: "Simba Confronts Scar" (Lion King Broadway)
Aaaand another fight song under "falling in love". I am beginning to find this Ominous.

Take Three: "Barbara Ann" (Beach Boys)
I'll take this.

Fight Song:
"Shelob's Lair" (Return of the King soundtrack)
Okay, good fight song. But... could it not be a song? Getting tired of instrumental tracks.

Take Two: "Sandy" (Grease)
Okay, iPod, you're missing a step. This ought to be the breakup song...

Take Three: "Happy Working Song" (Enchanted soundtrack)
Hee. This is my kind of fight: relentless cheeriness and even nature in the face of impersonal forces of chaos.

Breaking Up:
"A Little Fall of Rain" (Les Miserables)
A great song... for breaking up with life.

Take Two: "Flood" (Jars of Clay)
Okay, this also works.

Take Three: "Speeches/ Do You Hear the People Sing? (Encore)" (Les Miserables)
No, no I don't hear the people sing. I hear the people clap over the end music. Very odd.

"I'll Make A Man Out Of You" (Mulan soundtrack)
This is completely unrelated to prom in any way.
GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. (Get mine out, too, while you're at it.)
Well, it's at least completely unrelated to my prom in any way.

Take Two: "Anybody Out There?" (Burlap to Cashmere)
Hee. Now THIS was my prom.

Take Three: "Upon the King" (Henry V soundtrack)
That's me. Wandering around the crowds, but mind totally elsewhere.

"Every Day/A Heart Full of Love (reprise)" (Les Miserables)
I am beginning to doubt the randomness of this, iPod. You have 1600 tracks to choose from, and you keep getting the same kind of music?
Note- one of the earlier rounds cropped "Ride of the Valkyries" for this one. Which was awesome, because it's the tune Mom used to sing my name to when I was a kid. She picked tunes for each of us. And that is why it is on my iPod, because it is my Designated Theme Music.

Take Two: "Good For Me" (Amy Grant)
When I start to sing the blues, you put on my dancing shoes...

Take Three: "Sometimes By Step" (Rich Mullins & Bebo Norman)
This is a good Life song, but I wish I had the straight Rich Mullins version here. Tis my fave.

Mental Breakdown:
"You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)" (Michael W. Smith)
I do love this song, but... mental breakdown?

Take Two: "The Nutcracker, Op.71 - Act 1 - No. 2 March" (Tchaikovsky)
Madness always ought to involve classical music. Such a lovely contrast.

Take Three: "The Knight of the Mirrors" (Man of La Mancha)
This... is PERFECT. It's when the Knight of the Mirrors breaks Don Quixote's madness by driving him mad. It's beautiful.

"Show You The Face Of My Heart" (Backstreet Boys)
I... really hope my driving doesn't reflect my true self. Really, really.

Take Two: "Come My Sweet" (Mediaeval Baebes)
A lugubrious, soporific sort of song. The sort I deliberately skip while driving so as to get to adrenaline-pumping songs.

Take Three: "Gloria" (MercyMe)
...but this is a great driving song in December. One of my all-time fave Christmas tracks, a very upbeat adaptation of "Angels We Have Heard on High"

"Pirate Jenny" (Watchmen Soundtrack)
I don't even know this song. It's on the list of Songs I Own Because I Couldn't Be Bothered To Sort Out Which Songs On The Album I Actually Wanted To Keep (SIOBICBBTSOWSOTAIAWTK).

Take Two: "Prima Donna" (Phantom of the Opera)
Hmm. Wouldn't this be more "getting back together"? iPod is out of sync again.

Take Three: "Love Somebody Like You" (Keith Urban)
Not sure how this could be a flashback, but it is lovely. Especially the banjo. I really miss the banjo on the pop version that's in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Very glad sis found this, as I would never have found a country song on my own.

Getting Back Together:
"Star Tours" (audio track from eponymous Disney MGM ride) that I think about it, this ride might have been my first Star Wars experience after renouncing it at the age of 6. So it might have been the start of "getting back together" with Star Wars. Sorta. And I don't remember how I found this in my pirate downloading days.

Take Two: "The Pines of Rome" (Fantasia 2 soundtrack)
This sort of total nonsequitur is the reason I abandoned the original results of this game.

Take Three: "Ask Me" (Amy Grant)
Getting back together with life, maybe... the story of a sexually abused child coming to terms with her trauma and finding peace in God as an adult.

"My Boyfriend's Back" (The Angels)
If I were you, I'd take a permanent vacation...

Take Two: "May the Horse Be With You" (Reliant K)
This is AWESOME, but... not for a wedding, unless it merely indicates compatible humor on the part of the groom.

Take Three: "The Last Unicorn" (Kenny Loggins)
Yup. The last unicorn I'd ever be able to touch would be the one appearing at my wedding. Thereafter they will be gone from my life.

Birth of Child:
"No Eye Has Seen" (Michael W. Smith)
SIOBICBBTSOWSOTAIAWTK. Which is probably why I'm not freaking out about the fact that it's a CHRISTMAS ALBUM and I'm posting in APRIL, here...

Take Two: "Holly Jolly Christmas" (Burl Ives)
*eyes narrow* So, we're saying my first child will be born Dec 25th? Or we're simply referring to the birth of the Holy Child and not one of mine?

Take Three: "Dear Old Shiz" (Wicked)
... has nothing to do with birth. Ah well.

Final Battle:
"Save the People" (Godspell)

Take Two: "Noah - Me And You, Lord" (Bill Cosby)
My final battle will be getting fed up with God, attempting to assert myself, then suddenly folding upon evidence that I Cannot Win?

Take Three: "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (Phantom of the Opera)
Out of sync again. *shakes head* Unless this is Our Lady Of Soundtrack Sorrows?

Death Scene:
"God He Reigns" (Hillsong)
An appropriately solemn song. And faith and dying mesh well.

Take Two: "Confrontation" (Les Miserables)
Okay, iPod, now you're out of sync the other way. This would be an AWESOME battle scene song.

Take Three: "Cry" (Faith Hill)

Funeral Song:
"The Madness of King Scar" (Lion King Broadway)

Take Two: "Will Power" (DC Talk)
Fifteen-second long bit of silliness. Yep, that's my funeral.

Take Three: I have followed the rules so far. But I REFUSE to have a SIOBICBBTSOWSOTAIAWTK Christmas song at my funeral. I'm skipping "Medley - I Saw Three Ships/Joy To the World" (Michael W. Smith) in favor of the next song. "Agnus Dei" (Third Day) - much better!

End Credits:
"Hallelujah" (Watchmen soundtrack)
... I have four songs from two albums on this list of EIGHTEEN. Seriously starting to doubt randomness.
Oh, and good finisher. I think I wanna play again.

Take Two: "Wheels On A Big Rig" (Unknown)
Random, random song from my sister's collection. Rollin' rollin' rollin'.
Let's do that again!

Take Three: "Why Have You Brought Me Here" (Phantom of the Opera)
Why have you sung these songs? What have you done? Now through my mind all day, these songs will run... :)

Would love to play again, but I've run out of time and you've likely run out of patience.
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