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2017-04-05 08:30 am
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2017-04-04 07:37 pm

If the first line in a computer program is "Hello world"... what's the last?

It was a good thing, once upon a time. Farewell, Livejournal. On to new platforms.
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2010-04-18 09:45 am
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2010-04-15 05:25 pm

Flags and Politically Charged Humor

I found this Onion article today...
U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths
...and immediately thought of this....

... and ran here to post gleefully at the beautiful relationship, not wishing to post the links on Facebook (my first instinct) where some of my more sensitive conservative friends might be hurt.
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2010-03-29 07:50 pm

OMG THEY KILLED KATE!!! (Possible spoilers)

Me: I feel a little slow. I only just realized that on both the two shows we watch together, they just killed Kate. Well, okay, one of those Kates almost certainly survived, but... that's two shows in as many weeks.

Roommate: My gosh, I didn't make that connection before. I mean, I connected both of them with Kate dying on NCIS, but... wow.

Me: And I was just thinking, they killed (or at least abandoned to certain death) a sort-of Kate on Heroes.

Roommate: And on Criminal Minds...

Me: Kate on Lost is doomed.

Roommate: What does "Kate" mean, anyway?

Me: "Purity".

Roommate: sagely Ah, makes sense. No room for purity on modern television.
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2010-03-28 01:41 pm

Oh for the lost days of innocence...

I used to watch this buckled over laughing at the sheer absurd, ridiculous, impossible behavior embodied in Lauren Cooper.

Now I simply feel pity for Mr. Logan for the beginning and envy his resources for the end.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: I have seen Lauren Cooper (possibly two), and she is real.

Incidentally: I ain't English, and for my sins I am forced to teach American. Why, oh, why may I not teach English?
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2009-12-22 12:52 pm

Another day, another meme

You know, I had to try a few times to get this result. The first couple made no sense whatsoever, and the one prior to this one was eerily edging toward blasphemy: "Kiralademaus of wonder, kiralademaus of might/ Kiralademaus of royal beauty bright." I was concerned about lightning bolts. It only just now occurs to me that one may have metaphorically landed...

See the blazing kiralademaus before us,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Deck the Halls
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

ETA: Oooh, you can put in any word! Having fun loading and reloading random words that I come up with, like "snarfle..."

Also ETA: Is this even funnier when you use words traditionally associated with Christmas? Maybe, maybe not, but it's fun when you end up with this:

Joy to the world,
The snow is come.

Joy To The World
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

Or this! )

Or this!! )

...I'm just having a little too much fun with my toy.
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2009-12-02 12:05 pm

Technology Requirements

Hello. I'm going to indulge in an incoherent, irrational diatribe spawned by panic.
Feel free to skip... )
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2009-03-02 06:31 pm

Prewriting for a paper

I'm trying to write a paper with a thesis to the effect that Odysseus and Agamemnon exemplify two opposing models of kingship - that they demonstrate that a naked lust for power and glory is detrimental, while a modest love for the wisdom and domesticity is beneficial.

I am trying to come up with points.

Thus, I am brainstorming when I present:THE TOP 13 THINGS I WILL DO IF I EVER BECOME AN AKHAIAN MONARCH )
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2008-12-19 11:26 pm

I wroted in my blog!

... and posted an old English essay I really like. No, really!

Now that I'm done frantically writing for school, perhaps I'll have more time for frantically writing other things? Once I'm done with Christmas shopping? I hope so!
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2008-12-06 11:14 am

There's a reason they call it PRO-crastination.

This is not a game for amateurs, after all. But since my first attempt at starting my paper resulted in some potentially amusing incoherent ranting instead, I thought I'd post for posterity.

My Well Thought-Out Englilsh Paper ) Now it is my intention to go off and play disgruntled/unwillingly industrious student for several hours.
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2008-09-02 06:39 pm

The Adventures of Mary Sue, Restarted

I was never overly pleased with how wordy the complete original beginning of Mary Sue's story went, so I'm editing it here for length. I think I got too wordy too quickly. But I'm hiding it behind one lj-cut so you can skip it if you like, and move on to the new installment (and hopefully I won't feel the need to rewrite any more! But if something later sounds repetitive, maybe you read it in the now-discarded original draft...) Please feel free to contribute; I myself was inspired to write more after reading a marvelous retelling of Prince Caspian.

1. Time and Relative Dimension in Story )

Okay, having edited that down to a manageable size, the second installment:

2. Lena Looks Into A Fanfic )

And, because I hit a good stopping point there but still want to continue,

3. What Su Found There )

So, any thoughts? (Other than tl;dr ?) Remember, I'd love to make this a shared project...
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2008-04-17 08:05 pm


Go on, give it a shot, you know you want to. And if any details seem suspiciously familiar - you probably have grounds for your suspicion.

1. Time and Relative Dimension in Story

I woke up, bleary-eyed, to discover that it was 8:57 and my alarm had been trying to wake me for the past hour or so without success. Swearing under my breath, I yanked a brush through my hair, threw on some clothes, grabbed my bag and started running for my 9:00 class. My professor was not going to be happy, and I didn't think it would be wise to tell him I'd been staying up late doing vitally important research. He would probably find nothing particularly vital about knowing the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow or how to medically examine a weary knight. Truth be told, at one time I would have found nothing important about it either. Just one of the many changes to my life, this sort of self-training. If I ran fast enough, I could probably skid into class only a few minutes late. Of course, I found my path blocked by a large blue box, a retro telephone-booth thing with the helpful sign "Police Public Call Box". Oh, please no, I thought. If I ran a bit faster, perhaps...

"Mary Rose! Run!"

There was no help for it; the devilishly handsome man (Time Lord, I corrected myself) was headed in my direction at full pelt. Doubtless something nasty and earth-shattering was immediately behind. I resigned myself to Mary Rose (Mary Rose this time? Oh dear -) and stepped into the #(*$&% TARDIS. Again.

I had been doing the wrong research. Last time Discworld was followed by the Castle Anthrax. This time I was stuck with the - well, at least it was the lovely Tennant-Ten Doctor, it could have been a Dalek, but still, couldn't the TARDIS have waited until I'd gotten around to catching up Series 3? That does it, I decided. This time I'm seeing if we can go back in time in MY world and stop my idiot mother naming me Mary Sue.

To Be Continued...! )

I do hope to write some more about the Adventures of Mary Sue - I like the concept. Anyone care to help? I'm thinking she should someday run into a guy with a similar curse - Martin Stewart (Marty Stu to us). Thoughts?
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2008-02-02 10:23 pm


*checks friends list*

*discovers no one who knows K at all well, and therefore no one who should hear it first from her*

A big congrats to my li'l sis, who's all grown up and ENGAGED! And, of course, congrats to the brave, brave young man (six months my senior, but who's counting?) who is taking her on. They will be Awesomeness.

Facebook rejoicings to commence upon the completion of the grapevine announcements.

Enthusiastic recounts of the actual proposal and related happenings (witnessed personally by myself) available upon request. Or upon the request implied by anyone coming within earshot or ... eyeshot? Is that appropriate for a typed medium?.
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2008-02-01 08:02 am

I hate it when this happens.

I really want to get mad at somebody (you know who you are!) for getting me stuck on Wicked mania again.

I really want to.

But it's too darn good.

And I kinda introduced him to it in the first place.

Irony, we meet again!
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2008-01-10 07:36 pm

Breaking a long silence

I found a poem I wrote in high school and totally forgot. Thanking friends lists for the fact that my friends might see this post despite my journal having dropped out of sight, hoping my friends will be amused, making only the slightest modifications, I present For The Muse of Uninspiration -- )

On a completely unrelated note, it seems to be a long while since I wrote anything anywhere. This is, however, due less to writer's block and more to do with writer's anvil (i.e. an anvil load of work dropping from the sky to flatten the writer).
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2007-07-25 05:56 pm

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

EDIT: Apologies for the HTML mess! Fixed, I hope... and back to the entry.

I can't resist.

So, first bit: I totally called it on [...] ) a couple things.

And my spoiler-free review? Congrats, JKR, you have managed to fulfill all expectations. Possibly surpass. And that was an insanely high mark to be aiming for.

And back to lurking for me.
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2007-06-06 11:07 pm

Because I'm never on anymore...

 I fear that the inevitable has happened.

Sure, I've watched it happen with many friends, watched as the number of "friends online" and "new entries" dwindled with ever-increasing speed. Of course I knew that life is different now that none of my work is done at a computer, now that no more all-nighters are keeping me frantically latched onto any passing distraction. But I never thought it would come to this.

I have moved from Teh Internets to Real Life.  (And LiveJournal is now auto-checking my spelling, to the extent that it reads its own name as a typo. What's wrong with that?)

I feel a need to apologize to the three friends who still IM when I do get on. I may feel an even greater need to apologize when/if grad school sends me crawling back into my nice snug weblife, but we'll save that for later.

Meanwhile, please note that emails will be much enjoyed and replied to within a week or so (i.e. when I get around to checking my email again), and I'll still be on on rare occasions. I'll miss all of you - but everybody knows how good I am at these sweeping pronouncements; perhaps we'd better wait and see what happens in reality!

Hmm. No option for a "yearbook signing time" mood? How thoughtless of LJ.
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2007-02-04 07:47 pm

Music joke

For those of my friends who are musically inclined and know at least a little about theory...

A Bb, a Db, and an F walk into a bar. The bartender takes a look at them and says, "Sorry, we don't serve minors."

So the Db leaves and the Bb and the F have an open fifth between them. *ba-dum-dum-KSSSHHH!*