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It's snowing!!!!

And I prayed really, really hard last night for lotsa white stuff, even though it was looking like we would only get an inch or so amidst lotsa freezing rain (a lot less fun) - now it's looking like it'll snow for hours! WHEEE!

*does Snoopy dance and departs to play*
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Tonight, I had the great privilege to attend the Church of Bono. I must confess that I had known almost nothing about this great sage of our era, but fortunately my pastors attended a conference at Willow Creek where Bono was permitted (via video interview, intercut with concert clips) to address American Christendom on the subject of helping the poor. I was deeply impressed. I also began to understand why certain of my friends are so deeply interested in attending the Church of Bono.

But I still don't know anything about U2.

So, I'd like to ask my friends to give one or two of their recommendations for the hymnal of the Church of Bono. (I know some of you, at least, will not be able to stop there. That's okay. Just shoot for it so that I have some chance of getting around to all the songs by the end of the week and without going broke on iTunes.) The idea being the really spiritually moving songs, if that helps narrow it any at all. I intend to go shopping before the end of the week...
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I am not dead yet
I can dance and I can sing
I am not dead yet
I can do the Highland Fling...
- Not Dead Fred, Spamalot

Three statements above are not quite true. Hint: I'm still coughing a bit much to talk or exert myself very much, and I have no idea what the Highland Fling is, but... hey!

Currently watching the second half of ROTK with actor commentary. The hobbits remain my favorites. Dom Monaghan and Billy Boyd are awesome. The older actors almost uniformly resemble the sort of thing you see on parodies of actors discussing their work. Okay, the hobbits do, too, but when Dom says "Orlando actually practiced for [the Oliphaunt-jungle-gym slaying] scene by climbing on animals. We'd go out, he'd climb on dogs... cows... ponies..." and Billy chimes in, "But first he had to practice on smaller animals - gerbils, hamsters.." "Remember he got bit by that rat?! Right on his -" "Yeah! And he couldn't go out for days!"

Well, when that happens, you realize the parody is intentional. Poor Orlando's comment about having a discussion with his digital double about his motivation just stands no chance after a performance like that.

Why, yes, I have been bored out of my mind this week. How can you tell? At least, I should have been bored. In practice, I didn't have enough energy to be bored.

Now I need someone to explain why my Firefox - but only the Firefox on this computer, mind you - always malfunctions badly when it hits my update page (but no other). And I need someone to create a voice synthesizer thingy so I don't have to start choking after a paragraph of speech. And I need a Faramir who doesn't go for that tramp Eowyn, or a Darcy sans Elizabeth, or a plague on all stealers-of-awesome-men whose names start with the letter E. Possibly the plague I'm just recovering from.
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For those curious: still sick. Running a fever. Going to the doctor. Not coming online again any time soon, probably (which is why I feel compelled to post in my LJ). Bleagh.

And know what? That subject line? Forget it. However conventionally true it is, it doesn't feel true. Enter Arthur: "You lie!"
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First, my results for the superhero quiz. )
For some reason, the results exactly match what I would have called for myself.

Secondly, long time no see to all - sorry about that! Currently, though, I'm nursing the Cold from Hell - my nose is running enough to make my entire throat feel like it's been scraped with coarse sandpaper, then invaded by fire ants. Which makes me cough a lot, and involves swallowing a lot of air and less pleasant things, which means almost constant nausea except when I very quietly lie perfectly still on my bed and have nothing to do with pixels whatsoever.

Hmm. The cold seems also to have hurt my sense of Too Much Info, or at least how much I care about inflicting it. So, considering all of the above and the fact that I can seem to do nothing but gripe about staying home and rereading favorite children's novels all day, I think tis time to let this entry go. :)
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Such excitement at our house! My parents and I were eating dinner, and the doorbell rings - and there's this boy (age thirteen, could about pass for ten) there. Dad goes out to find out what he wants and comes in a few minutes later, asking Mom to go outside with the kid while he calls 911. The boy, it seems, had been kidnapped and then dumped up the street.

After Dad finished the call, Mom ushered the boy inside to the warm safety of the kitchen. He didn't take any food or drink and answered as briefly as possible; he went to that school (the middle school nearest my sisters' high school, if those who would know what it is are curious), his older sister goes to that high school, he got snatched by a stranger who threatened to kill him if he ever sees him again, he didn't know where he was... small talk about family, etc. But it was awkward, and Mom and I cleared the table as Dad tried to coax the boy into conversation. Despite Dad's knack for that sort of thing, conversation dwindled and finally the TV was set to Cartoon Network while we waited for the police. I went upstairs to try to shoot off an email; the police arrived just as I sent it, and I had to haul the dog upstairs so she wouldn't bite the nice police officers.

Nosy snoop that I am, I turned out my bedroom light (poor dog wasn't terribly pleased about that) to get a better view of the three cop cars lined up outside our house. Now, cloistered in my room I found out less than my parents, but it suited me not to have to talk to strangers. Forty minutes later, the house is clear (although two cars are still outside) and downstairs I come, wildly speculating.

Apparently, the cops were late because they tried the old roadblocked route which maps don't recognize as roadblocked - reassuring! Even MapQuest has figured out that one by now. Also, apparently the kid has been picked up by these cops before, so his story is suspect. Further details I don't know.

Now I'm going to post this for the benefit of wildly curious friends, and hope that my darkest suspicion (that the kid was a plant scoping out our house) proves unfounded. At least we have the Paranoid Puppy on guard!
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Huzzah! Two weeks of a cold, and I'm getting better instead of getting bronchitis (knock on wood!)

Hmm, it seems to be 11:19 PM. Perhaps tis time for bed. So as to continue the recovering.

Hi out there to everyone! I am still alive, and still reading your LJs, even if I'm not updating mine!
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Nuther quiz - thanks, Trevel. )

And yes, I am erudite. Thanks for noticing.
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Two nights ago, I had a dream. I meant to get on and record it immediately, because it concerns at least one person on my friends list; Life intervened. But for your pleasure, a slice of my life, presented two days after the fact.

I woke to find myself stretched out on the production table at work, trying to catch a few winks with some padded-up clothes and a spare blanket. The production table is an unforgiving chunk of cold, rickety metal around which my life revolves. Still, I've found worse places to sleep on college trips. But the video I'd been watching just before I fell asleep must have been on my mind, because I was thinking about all the stupid stuff actors must get asked on a regular basis. So I called up Gary Oldman's FAQ hotline, thinking what a great thing it was for an actor to have something like this, only something got switched and I got the actor himself there. At least, that's what I thought until I realized it was another actor entirely, and there was absolutely no question who I had to call. Because this was our beloved Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and as soon as I'd called the friend in question I was treated to a snogfest between the two. (And now I also knew why I thought I'd talked to Gary Oldman; it had been Sirius Black himself, combined with the Doctor, all for this friend's pleasure.) Then she had the temerity to be angry with me for jeopardizing the relationship she's been building with - is it an official boyfriend yet? I don't know. But hey, after work and keeping up with my fan stuff, I don't have as much time as I'd like to keep up with friends. Anyway, then I woke up.

Considering that I've seen her in the flesh only twice, the visual on this friend was really strong, too.

I know she probably would prefer to be having this dream herself, but I thought she (and those who know who she is) would appreciate the joke. :) And when I saw Slash on a commercial last night, well, it was a dead giveaway. If it hadn't been for her, I'd've been sitting there wondering why a weird guy in a top hat was on my TV set hawking speakers. So, in conclusion: QUIT STALKING ME.

Thank you.
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I'm being terribly risque, coming back after ages with a title guaranteed to pull me up to the top of the anti-terrorist action. (To any overworked Homeland Security agents forced to carefully examine my entry for any signs of bombs, plane explosions using James Bond toothpaste, etc, I deeply apologize. But if you could find someone to address my complaints...)

Anyways, right now I'm kind of wishing I were still in England, because of two ways in which it's looking vastly superior to my country:

1)Commercial breaks. Advertisement is much better left safely contained between shows, not interspersed at regular intervals which interrupt shows at key moments.

2)Season two on DVD.

Yes, I wish to lay a curse on regional DVD recordings, for these prevent me from getting my Doctor Who fix save in small, measured increments. I want me some more David Tennant, and now! And not in diced-up ADD-inducing segments!

I would also like to add that any British gloating on this point may be met with extreme prejudice.
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For those wondering why I post so many quizzes and so little else, it's because I usually chat with everyone who reads my LJ and don't have much else to say, and because I keep reading interesting quizzes in other people's LJs. So:

Which D&D character am I, then? )
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Yes, it's been forever since I've updated. But I want to give my review of this movie I saw last night: Pirates Hamsters of the Caribbean.

No, seriously. Let me say at the outset that I have a habit of providing amusing, insightful commentary throughout movies, especially movies that involve straightfaced absurdity. Last night, I decided to see if I could make it through an entire movie without providing said commentary. I'm proud to say that aside from a few eloquent gestures (no, not that kind), I managed. Silent. Which means that all the amusing commentary is positively beating down the doors of my brain in no particular or coherent order. Don't worry, it'll be spoiler-free... at least, free of any spoilers worth mentioning. By my standards. So, now:

Hamsters of the Caribbean! )
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Huzzah! The Net is fixed (supposedly!)

Now the puzzler: Do I consider the fact that I went through severe net-withdrawal a sign that I should try to curb my net addiction?




Know what? Not till it starts interfering with my sleep time and social life. Meanwhile, it seems that IM comprises a great deal of my social life at the moment, so might as well stick with it.

Also, note to self: get a physical journal, now that you've about finished your last one. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Mouse has actually finished a journal for the first time in her entire life. And yes, it counts, even if it's only the journalling half that's finished while the half reserved for composition remains 80% blank.
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My deepest apologies to all my friends I've been missing. I'm about ready to slaughter TimeWarner, the entity responsible for my cruddy 'net reliabilty and my mediocre cable service. Now that I've figured out pretty much for certain that it's TimeWarner's fault, I've taken to alternating between laughing hysterically at every RoadRunner commercial hyping its "reliability" and feeling like crying hysterically because I cannot get on and chat with my friends like I want to.

I think I've detected a pattern: it's at its worst during primetime, popular hours. Both the Internet and the cable, which leads me to wonder if both are affected if TimeWarner has insufficient bandwidth for its customers. Basically, I'm angry and frustrated and if anyone wants to email me to make me feel better (email I can occasionally check at work, where the net remains reliable), it would be appreciated. [/shameless begging]

Everything else is great. I'm feeling healthy again, work is less than horrifically overwhelming, and my sis is home from college. :) Life is good... if I could chat again!
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...stay up until almost 3 AM wandering aimlessly around the Net when needing to get up at 7 to work a full day and while recovering from walking pneumonia.

On the other hand, I'm feeling a heck of a lot better. And ibuprofin's helping my sore rib immensely. Two weeks it's impossible to shut it up, and after a more-or-less regular regimen today, I'm still feeling better (and it's, er, almost 8 hours since the last dose which I meant to last me through the night.)

Just thought I'd mark that for the record. And remind myself of the other reason why I'm going to go for a total Internet fast for much of the remainder of the week. The first reason is that I can no longer cope with an internet service that blinks out half an hour out of every hour during primetime.
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So, today I went to go see the doctor about that annoying cough that's been lingering for the past several weeks. Guess what it is. Betcha can't. Not like I've already said or anything.

Blame the loopiness on the drugs. Sure, I've only actually taken the antibiotic and some Robitussin, but turns out Vicodin makes a cough medicine I'll be taking at night and then there's the inhaler that the pharmacy has to order in tomorrow. Joy!

At least I'm finally convinced that I can take off from work with dignity. The trouble with being a lazybones is a perpetual feeling of guilt when resting. I can lie in bed and nurse my aching ribs and live on chicken soup, OJ and Earl Grey. And I get all the sympathy I want! Hmm. There could be worse things.
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When I was in middle school, I used to alter the lyrics to "The Song That Doesn't End" to describe gym class, e.g. "This is the class that doesn't end/ Yes, you will surely die, my friend..."

I have rediscovered that game today. I started out singing various modernized hymns today, but as the machines got more and more cantankerous, the lyrics to Joyful Joyful slowly metamorphosed:

How I'd love to bash this bothersome machine to tiny bits
Screw the screws until it rues its stupid useless balky fits.
Freeze it, smash it, burn it, break it, sledgehammer for each time it quits!
But I want to keep my job - *sigh* - better not consider it.

Actually, I only got the first two lines down. Still fiddling with the last two. But at this rate, I may have as many verses as I added to "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school". Huzzah - more altered songs! Though perhaps I ought to steer clear of altering hymns in the future.
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